A Touch of Zen Yoga

Originally from Cornwall in the United Kingdom, Adam started to pursue a life of health and wellbeing after graduating from university with honors in sports and exerise science. He qualified to lead group fitness classes and then became a registered exercise professional personal trainer and spent 5 years working with private clients and group 'bootcamp' style fitness classes.

After a series of injuries he decided to take up practicing yoga as a physical remedy but quickly discovered that yoga was an avenue to discover more about the body through mindfulness as well as healing. He travelled to India to complete his yoga teacher qualification and stayed there for 5 months, immersed into Indian culture and yoga practice. Since then, Adam has added thai massage, restorative yoga and yoga nidra to his repertoire and taught yoga in countries all over the world from Germany to Thailand, Morocco to New Zealand.

Adam teaches a dynamic hatha yoga inspired by the teachings of Jason Crandell and Mark Stephens. He also integrates elements of heart-opening flow from anusara yoga with the precision and use of props in Iyengar yoga. He studied restorative yoga with Lizzie Lasater and offers this as a blissfully relaxing balance to the more active style of practices. He also uses his soothing voice to wonderful affect in yoga nidra or 'yogic sleep' where he guides students through a deeply restorative exploration of the body, breath and subconscious mind.

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