All To Love

M. J. was born in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. She left home after having a series of spontaneous spiritual awakenings while studying at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. She has been intuitively guided by her intention to create a new paradigm on Earth; the fearless life.

As the founder of All To Love, she is an inspirational speaker and author of "The Fearless Life Guide: An All To Love Project". She is an expert yoga and meditation guide and transformational coach at Yeotown, an award winning wellbeing retreat in the UK.

She has an impressive private client list, working with International Royalty, Corporate Executives, Moms and Olympic Athletes.

M. J. has been practicing and teaching yoga for many years. She blends her creative dance background with a fusion of yoga styles to create an uplifting, energising and inspirational class.

Her career as an Inspirational Speaker began in 2014 and has since seen her speak at festivals around the UK, private functions, conferences and schools.

She is a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles and a student of Vipassana meditation. She has been meditating for over 10 years and enjoys the practice immensely, considering it to be one of the most powerful tools for positive change and transformation.

Having personally experienced the transformational power of love, it is with a sincere and compassionate heart that she shares her message with the world.

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