Becca Rich

When I first started practicing yoga, I was not confident in myself because I didn’t know the movements. And it was tough fitting yoga into my busy life. Honestly, it still can be tricky sometimes. But I started to notice how good I felt after yoga classes. I was calm in my mind and relaxed in my body. I wanted to find out more about this practice.

It took me a while to figure out what a yoga practice meant to me. I went to yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, studied from many teachers, read lots of books... but still felt like I missing something. Until I created a yoga practice for myself. One where I didn’t need a yoga teacher to guide me. I figured out what yoga was to my body and mind.

I became a teacher so I could help people feel as good as I do when I practice yoga. To be able to unplug from all the outside stuff, and focus on our inside stuff (because there's a lot of it!). Yoga has helped me get to know myself, and I hope to help others get to know themselves a little better.

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