Tulsi Yog Shala


I am a Yoga Teacher from the North-east of Scotland. I discovered Yoga at a critical time in my life, when I had lost my sense of direction and purpose. Yoga opened-up many doors to me for the future; not only as a route to earn money, but a new lifestyle to experience. The 200-hour YTT course in India changed my entire outlook on life, and I am forever grateful to Yoga for that. I started teaching one month after returning to the UK as I was eager to share whatever knowledge I had soaked up from the course. My Indian husband (fiancé at the time, also a qualified Yoga instructor) and I made a name for our private business, now known as “Tulsi Yog Shala”. In January 2018 I started to teach locally in the UK. I taught for 8 months continuously in the UK and collected over 150 hours of further teaching experience. After which, I returned to India to be with my husband, where I was teaching retreats and drop-in classes of Ashtanga Yoga for one month. The following month, October 2018, we travelled to Thailand together to teach Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga as part of a TTC program. I taught Ashtanga in Thailand and guided my students through some meditation sessions. I have now collected over 200 hours of teaching experience since the completion of my training last year. Since our return from Thailand, we have been actively pursuing routes to take our teachings online whilst living a simple life in India, where my journey started.

My intention is and has always been to help people to learn how to cope better with the challenges we face in life. My Yoga Asana practice is strong, and I can deliver an in-depth understanding about the mechanics of the practice. I have worked with clients of many different disorders from insomnia to spondylitis. From my personal and teaching experience and research online and from books, I have collected a vast knowledge about natural healing methods related to yoga, for curing various illnesses. My preferred way to share is through a calmer and more personal approach in my guided Meditation classes/Meditation preparation techniques and Relaxation classes facilitated by my treasured Tibetan sound healing bowl. I love one-on-one sessions, as I like to be a witness to my clients’ development. It brings me a profound amount of joy and mental soundness whenever I teach. I love sharing my ongoing experience with Yoga to my students and being a part of many inspiring journeys.

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