Cat (Yoga and Astrology)

I study yoga and astrology like it’s my job. Actually, it is!

Which still surprises me, given what a cynical critter not long ago. Isn't yoga for hippies, and isn't astrology for kooks?!

Fortunately, my curiosity has always got the better of me, and I’ve opened up to the possibility that there’s something more to life than what we were taught in school, or what we see on the news.

What I know...

That there is very little myself or anyone else in human form can know. I know how I feel, when I pay attention, and try to do this as often as I can.

What I believe...

That when I follow the still, small voice: things go quite well for me. That voice often sounds like curiosity. Sometimes it feels more like comfort. Other times, pure bliss.

Yoga, when I practise with presence and genuine intention, seems to correlate with stronger communication with that voice.

Astrology, when I acknowledge what’s happening in the sky and act accordingly, seems to correlate with stronger communication with that voice.

Combining Yoga and Astrology amplifies, clarifies and brings me into alignment with that voice.

And I really, really like how things work out for me when I can do that.

Hopefully, through our yoga practise I can show you how these two sister arts work together, and you can see the magic it can bring to your own life.

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