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Are you new to yoga and don't know where to start? Are you an athelte looking for other way to stretch? Or maybe you live remotely and can't access live yoga classes? Are you a new mum or dad? A busy person with limited time ? Maybe you are curious about meditation or breath work? Or learning new tools to relax from a stressful time in your life? Maybe you want to create new healthy habits?

Whatever the reasons that brought you here, I'll be happy to support you in your yoga journey crafting tailor made professional sequences that will fit YOU!

My name is Claire, I'm orginally from France yet I've been living between Canada and the World for the last decade.
I've been teaching yoga for over 7 years alongisde with my snowboard instructor/ coach career.

From local studios to online private classes, yoga festivals and running retreats, I've traveled the world to teach and worked with all kind of ''bodies'' and ''levels'' of students (beginners, seniors, athletes, injured people...)
I've studied different ''styles'' of yoga ( Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Ashtanga, Jivamukti., Nidra...) only to realize at the end there's '' simply yoga''.

I've been inspired by brillant and world renown teachers to develop efficient ways to make yoga simple and accessible for all in a compassionate and genuine manner.

My classes include a zest of humor and will leave you feeling restored, empowered and grounded.

I believe Yoga goes beyond the mat, if you are looking for healthy lifestyle changes my classes can also support you on your journey.

I'm looking forward to chat with you and start your yoga journey today!

''If not now then when?'' E.Tolle


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