Emily Hedlund

Yoga is such a beautiful practice. Every day I practice I’m more inspired and happy. I relate to yoga this way: remember the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Where he believes that windex fixes everything? Well, that’s how I feel about yoga!

I discovered yoga after I had knee surgery. Life was miserable, I was in a cyclone of negativity and depression. I realized that something had to change with my life. I started doing gym yoga, and the instructors were the kindest, sweetest people. They were patient, one in particular came alongside me and helped with Warrior 2 ( I was thinking what is this pose!?)

As I became more familiar with the practice, it became more natural and more a part of me. My sister introduced me to hot yoga (the fused hot yoga classes), and my knee felt fantastic. I kept practicing and finally decided to go for my 200 hour teacher training and intensive for personal growth.

However, after I taught my first class, I KNEW that I had found my calling. I love introducing people to yoga, and helping them discover just how beautiful a practice it really is. My goal is to create environments through retreats, workshops, and classes where people can connect, relax, and truly discover beginner yoga.

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