Liquid Yoga

My style of yoga is Vinyasa Krama flow with attention to Iyengar based alignment, using props to develop good muscle memory and to ensure you truly benefit from the asanas (poses), leaving it accessible for all. Familiarise yourself with the sequences each week and dance through the poses, lead by breath.
I also incorporate do-in, a Traditional Chinese Medicine inspired dynamic meditation technique to learn how mindful movement can be a usedul tool for overall well-being. These are gentle stretches suitable for all.
I also offer yogalates classes: a fusion of strong yoga poses and toning pilates exercises, moving with breath. It's a juicy, yummy workout, leaving you feel stronger, more flexible and grounded.
Modifications are offered! All ages and levels are welcome!

My first encounter with bodywork was my love for martial arts as a teenage girl. I also immersed in athletics in high school, often did my best to skip the study hours by attending all afternoon sport classes :). Let's just say I always found joy and piece in movement.
I was introduced to Iyengar yoga at the age of 20, and since then, yoga has been the only thing in life I couldn't run away from without the sense of leaving myself behind with it. I also studied Psychology at University for many years, but I found all what I believed were the tools for healing in bodywork.
I have been gifted to practice with David Swenson and Joey Miles during my 'Ashtanga' period, then I stumbled upon Manchester Shiatsu College, where I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and accupressure.
I received my 200- hour yoga instructor certificate in 2017, in Dharamsala, India, where I learnt to combine Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga flow with attention to Iyengar based alignment.
I also fell in love with Tamara Levinson's Yogance, and had the chance to attend to her 2-day Worksop in London, 2017, and joined her online as often as I could.
I then certified as a Do-in instructor in 2019, at the Budapest Shiatsu college, to learn to implement what I learnt about Chinese Medicine into dynamic meditation-like movements.
​I also practise a lot of Pilates, and certified as an instructor in 2020.
Last year (2022) I completed the 100-hr Sequencing and Sadhana Module with Meghan Currie in Bali. It had an ever-lastimg effect on me and I am so excited to share this.
I am currently completing Tom Myer's 'The Science of Stretch' online course. I focus on contemporary anatomy and the role of fascia in holistic healing.
​And here we are, a great big mixture of all sorts :)

Laughter has been found to lower levels of stress hormones and reduce inflammation in the arteries, while increases good cholesterol. I can assure you we will have fun! Falling is just one step towards balance!!

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