Well, my yoga way began in 2009. I started not because of some sickness or depression it just should be happen.I came to my first class and since that time never wish to stop. And I'm glad for this - my life changed forever. Through my practice, my body became more flexible and strong, while my mind became more calm and peaceful. I realized how important it is to live presently and from the heart, which created more happiness in my life. Over 6 years now I have been teaching the yogic lifestyle, and I see how these teachings reflect  in the hearts of my students. I designee a curriculum specific to each students depends from the skill and learning levels. My classes include elements of meditation, pranayama, yin, vinyasa, power yoga and many other technics which bring strength and awareness. 

Teaching experience:

India, Russia, Mexico,Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia... I'm still on the way))
- Created and organized TTC 200/100 hours (built yoga program and taught classes, presented lectures on yogic theory, meditation techniques, philosophy, anatomy, pranayama);
- TTC Kids yoga;
-  Workshops on yoga lifestyle and mind control;
- Hatha yoga;
- Partner yoga;
- Vinyasa;
- Power;
- Nidra yoga;                                                                        
- Private classes for people with injury, as well as weight and health issues.

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