Inner Healer - 4D Transformation


Whether you are looking to begin on the journey of self-discovery or to further deepen your connection exploration of the Inner World with extra support, this is an opportunity for self-development in 4 dimensions.

We are Idit and Jeni, creator of the Inner Healer Journey of Transformation. Through our own experiences of healing and self-study (that are life-long!), we are passionate about combining and sharing what we have learned in a simple yet impactful way in safe, supportive spaces and working intensively with individuals and groups to enable others to access the same potentials in their personal transformations.

Main Aims:
Learn about the different dimensions of "The Self", how to acknowledge and heal them to move into the vibration of unconditional love.

Including but not limited to:
Guided Meditations
Self Inquiry
Reflections and Contemplations
Yoga and Movement
Intuitive writing

We hope to inspire you to take action and choose the best for yourself, for the benefit of all!

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