Namaste Yogis and Yoginis!

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”-Buddha

This play on words of a phrase has truly been the ascending factor to changing my life, or rather, living the life I always was meant to live. Stuck in a high demand, stressful job, working extreme hours and no time for anything else, I realized this is not the life for me. Each time I found myself back on the mat, where practice raised my vibrations, stabilized my poor eating habits, and cleared the mind. Every time I hit a road block in life, either be it a financial strain, an emotional blockage, physical challenge or lack of mental stimulation, I always found my way to the nearest yoga class... Yoga glued the pieces back together, gave me the strength to conquer the obsticles, and the piece of mind to endure the seemingly impossible. With over a decade of dedicated yoga practice, I finally was ready to move to the next level. Completing my first yoga teacher training felt like Re-uniting with a long lost lover. So since, Yoga is not something I do when I hit a road block. Yoga is simply THE Road. So, it became a way of life!
Now I am a traveling yogini, spreading love and passion through Vedic Philosophy and Ayurveda

During my Time in Nepal, I practiced Buddhist Meditation with Tibetian monks, and completed a Reiki healing course.
In India, I connected with the teachings of Sadguru, and mother Amma, As well as completed Ayurvedic Lifestyle, And Marma Therapist diploma.
I believe we are here on earth to experience it’s wonders and gifts. And best to do this , is to realize just how abundant this Mother Gaia is, and how connected we all are to everything around us. All you have to do is listen, arrive in the present moment, quiet the mind, and simply breathe.

We are all connected one way or another. Thru the air we all share, the plants that aid the formation of Oxygen, and through the animals that cultivate the soil needed for the life of plants to prosper. We are all one, made of star, earth, water, air, and fire matter. And I believe everything happens for a reason.

“An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place, and circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break”- Ancient Chinese Proverb

Yoga means to bind, to connect to twist in a knot. It’s practice is meant to combine the spinning spheres of our own spirit, mind, and body. Then, and only then the spiral of life will begin vibrating higher.

I look forward to share this passion with you, this journey of self love, self care, and practice of the Devine. Together we can begin your transformation today, here, now.

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