Jennifer Krüger


I'm a passionate Yoga and Zen Meditation teacher and like to share my knowledge and practices with you.
In my classes I will be attending to your individual needs and build up the practise from there.

Feeling the unity of body, mind and soul regularly and integrating this state of being to daily live so that we can just be - is what motivates me to teach and share my yoga and meditation experience with you.

For me Hatha Yoga is about getting to know our bodies, feeling them and reconnecting with mother earth.
In my classes we strech, strengthen and relax our bodies and tune into our breathing.

Meditation is a great tool to get to know our mind, our emotions and feel the essense of our true nature.
Finding rest, peace, power and joy in ourselves is one of the greatest gifts of life.

I'm looking forward to having a class with you :)

My Yoga & Zen Experience:
I started of with attending yoga classes and going to meditation evenings. Over the years my practise deepend and in 2015 I attended a 200h Yoga Teacher Training in India. After this experience I felt called to live in an yoga ashram to dive deep into the world of Yoga so I stayed as a Karma Yogi for 3 month in the Sivananda Ashram on the Bahamas. Afterwards I participated in further yoga trainings: Yoga Nidra, Yoga Therapy and Alignment and have been teaching since 2015.

Besides that I have been practicing Zen Meditation for about 4 years with a zen master and also got trained to share the basic meditation practices. Also here I lived in a Zen Center for about 9 month.

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