Jessica Mitchell

My love for yoga began over 15 years ago as I needed something to bring me relief from my labours job as a chef. My practice phased in and out until 6 years ago when I made the commitment to be intentional about my consistency and where this journey would take me.

Little did I know that yoga would become my refuge and I designated my my mat as my own little sanctuary, my therapy. I had a life changing event take place 5 years ago and through the deep seeded pain, I found a divine healing through my practice. I felt my Creator meet me on my mat and would end in svasana in tears, as my heart would burst with gratitude for the mending of my mind, body, and spirit.

I realized how much our society has robbed us of the true nature of yoga, making it more about movement or the clothes you wear, instead of the healing breathwork, mindfulness, yoked with movement. My joy is to teach others the power we have within us and are truly equipped to find breakthroughs from any strongholds that have held us down.

My intention is to always meet the student right where they are at. Whether brand spanking new to yoga, or finding yourself stagnant in your practice, my hope and desire is to hold space for you to explore what this healing journey means to you.

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