Jo Fitmonkz

I'm a Yoga, Pilate and Zumba enthusiast, full of zeal and shining with the beauty of wellness and lifestyle !

I have understood healthy life is factor of good and consistent care, this is the only way to achieve a positive outlook in life, for mental stimulation.
My work out is focussed towards serenity and peace. As our body needs sufficient Pranayama (breathing) and it isn’t relaxed, a body just can’t relax into the Asanas (poses) only.

I'm a firm believer of acquiring self healing wisdom and positive thinking for peace. My faith is in inner spirituality that I engage with my high energy.
I stimulate with wellness with detox food habits, various exercise formats and positive motivation. My soul and mind concentrate to attract the synergies to the body, inspired to built my asset my best friend - my good health.

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