julie cadman

In my personal experiences, the practice of yoga is a blessing that I am constantly grateful to have been exposed to. Through the consistent and well designed practice I was receiving from my teachers; healing began to expose itself to me on all levels of my being. This healing came in many different forms and sometimes felt extremely uncomfortable. I came to understand that the process of healing that transmutes us to health is a process involving the shifting and elimination of the toxic elements both physical and energetic in nature. There is a recalibration that we must endure. As we practice asana (the physical aspect of yoga/postures) we are re-awakening, untangling and releasing the flow of energy within our physical form which in turn effects us on a more subtle level that we experience through our emotions. Like a cycle, those emotions effect the physical being causing disease and alternatively, vibrant health; depending on the vibration innate to whatever emotions you expose yourself to the most.

This practice has the potential to rejuvenate and awaken the sleeping unlimited potential within us all. I have found that my daily asana (posture), pranayama (controlled breathing exercises) and meditation practice allows me to connect not only to my authentic self but also to the infinite intelligence that seems to reside somewhere deep within and all around us. This connection to what is of a sacred and pure essence impacts behaviors, reactions, thoughts and ultimately lifes experiences.

My intention as a yoga instructor is to be a guide into your practice as you learn to take the lead discovering your own depth and complex simplicity of who you truly are and why you are here. On a more material level, my intention is to guide students through specific postures of yoga which are chosen to nurture the vibrancy within them. These postures are taught in a specific sequence curated for each individual and will evolve with and around them.

I have received 400 hours of yoga alliance recognized certifications in both Vinyassa as well as Ashtanga (Sri K. Pattabhi Jois). I have been a practitioner since 2011.

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