Welcome Yogis and spirits of Earth!

This is Gabby and Kai Skywalker, your guides to a higher consciousness and thus a happier, healthier existence on planet Earth.

We are creative beings with a sparkle for vegan food, nature, expression through movement, singing and art! We are meditating travel fanatics and we love anything alternative to the norm!

The conscious practice we will bring you involves techniques brought to you from clairvoyance (meaning clear seeing), in which we are guided by our knowingness, merged with the physical movement that is known worldwide as Yoga.

Activating our knowingness brings about a higher awareness throughout all practices in this lifetime. We will be honouring the wishes of the body and of the spirit, as both work hand in hand.

As we are all individuals in physical bodies, our necessities vary in the type of movements we require, the intensity and the duration of the practice. These primary areas will all be taken into consideration to benefit the practitioner.

Outside of the physical practice, additional guidance can be offered from the clairvoyant perspective where we will work more with the spirit (energy body) inside the physical body. This can be offered in the form of healing techniques, spirit readings and more.

To broaden your awareness of the possibilities we can offer, take a look at our website in the link below:


Remember, we are here only to guide you and to share from the experiences we have gained in this lifetime and from the teachings of the holy spirit. So if you are looking to expand your awareness, then get in touch with us, you know where to find us... ❤ ...

Sending unconditional love to all light beings ⭐

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