Laura B.

I am a young Yoga teacher located in Berlin, Germany. My way to Yoga led me through many difficulties, I had to face many fears and pain, until I found Yoga ( or it found me) and so- for the first time - found peace. Yoga to me is a holy practice of oneness which almost no words can describe and always leads me right back to myself. Its a balance between my soul, my body, and the world around me- which actually is all one. I travelled through India, from North to south, did my first teacher training there and learned a lot about the Yoga and what it was created for. My deep intension is to help other people by sharing my knowledge and my experiences, and to learn trough them. As whenever I teach, I also learn. Our societies are filled with searching people, souls who disconnected from where they came from and don't find their way back home on their own. I found my way through Yoga and want to take you by your hand to walk next to you. If you are interested in getting to know me, give us some time and lets meet on the web. By the way I think the web is a great tool to spread Yoga- finally wider and as multicultural as it always has been meant to be. Looking forward to hear from you ! xxx Laura

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That was lovely, Laura. Thank you for practicing with me!

Hester Sofranko about listing Gentle Hatha Yoga 9 months ago.