I remember leaving my first every yoga class, having noticed that for that one hour, I wasn’t being completely controlled by rushing and racing thoughts. I left feeling calm, energised, excited and somewhat taller.
From then I began to attend more and more classes, and little by little, practice after practice, I learned more about myself.
I fell in love with the practice, and have continued to practice almost daily since. I quickly picked up on the fact that I was learning forgiveness, patience, self love and acceptance with myself, both on and off the mat.
I'm motivated by the thought of helping, inspiring and serving other people in some way. I believe and have experienced some of the transformative, healing, rejuvenating, restorative and uplifting powers of yoga, and I’m driven to support and encourage people to step on the mat and keep returning back to the practice, gaining an incredible sense of awareness in both the mind and the body.
I studied my 200 hour Sun Power Yoga teacher training and a YMCA Level 3 diploma in teaching Yoga. I like to both practice and teach a variety of styles of yoga. Keeping it authentic, balanced, creative and fun!

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