Lilly Stannard

Hello friends! My name is Lilly and I'm a certified Sampoorna Hatha Yoga teacher. Sampoorna Yoga is the yoga of fullness. This means that in sessions with me we will be utilizing and awakening not just every part of the physical body, but the causal and astral bodies as well. Opening and becoming aware of all three of these bodies will lead to physical health and wellness, as well as feelings of confidence, presence, joy, peace, and self-assurance. I am also a singer and am learning Sanskrit, so if requested we can work on meditative chanting in order to further ground our practice together and manifest the things you're looking to bring into your life.

I have a degree from NYU in Educational Theatre and Childhood Development and have substantial experience with children of all ages, including those with developmental disabilities. I taught children's yoga at a camp for kids with disabilities last summer, and if interested I would love to keep your children occupied during this crazy time with the skill and practice of yoga; something I think can be so beneficial to healthy physical, mental, and spiritual development.

When working one-on-one, this practice will be YOURS. Whether your needs be recovering from an injury, learning the fundamentals of yoga before trying a group class, finding health and happiness, or searching for inspiration if you've hit a plateau in life, etc... I will adapt our practice to whatever your needs may be. All levels, all ages, all backgrounds, all people welcome!

I look forward to working with you and awakening your best self!

Om Shanthi,

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