Life Coaching To Create The Life You Truely Desire

What is Life Coaching?

Life coach will help you uncover what is actually going on in your life by asking specific questions, actively listening, and then helping you develop strategic goals to make consistent changes and transforming your life. Life coach will ask the right questions and help with raising your self awareness about your current situation, and any beliefs you may be holding that are potentially stopping you from experiencing what you actually truly desire in your heart. A life coach will skilfully guide you in discovering the direction of where you want to be as opposed to where you don’t want to be. It is NOT a therapy. A life coach doesn’t need to be an expert in the areas you wish you make changes in, be that a career change, increasing self confidence, improving your relationships or health. Life coach uses certain questions that guide you towards your own self realisation, and understanding how to take empowered action steps towards desired future.

After all, true transformation and empowerment comes only from a space of self realisation and awareness, not from someone else’s advise or opinion. Your higher self already knows how to align with the true path you planned to experience, all that is needed is realising it and getting onto this path, removing anything that may be obstructing it along the way. Life coach will metaphorically ‘hold your hand’ while you take actions for consistent change and go through the necessary transformation.

What to expect from the session?

We will work together to reveal your limitless potential, open possibilities for lasting change and fulfilment, thus enabling you to find more satisfaction, meaning and purpose, and live a life as a true self.

I believe you are fully capable of making changes and coming up with your own solutions. I can serve as a guide and facilitator for that change. Lasting transformation happens when we self-realise and self-actualise.

Through regular meetings, I will use specific questions and guidelines to help you discover any old or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from moving forward in the direction you desire, and find new beliefs that are more beneficial and serve your highest and greatest good.

I would motivate you to set measurable realistic achievable goals that will eventuate into living a life of purpose and integrity. You will be guided in the direction of desired outcomes and be empowered with the skills to solve your own problems.

I will guide you to reevaluate various areas of your life such as relationships with the self and others, career direction, health and well-being, lifestyle and leisure, finances, spirituality, community etc. By asking specific questions I will guide you to identify the most important areas to focus on at a time. As a result of the continuous sessions you will gain more clarity of direction and will be able to take action steps towards creating lasting change and desirable transformation.

Introduction video can be found here:

Time zone: Male, Maldives
Availability Calendar: Available upon request
Video chat link: Will be sent once the sessions are booked
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Sculpting and Toning
Prenatal Workout
Postnatal Workout
Stretching & Relaxing
Functional Training
Martial Arts

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