Mary-Colleen Halley

I have been dancing, practicing yoga, and teaching mind-body awareness and energy medicine for almost 15 years. I have used these somatic practices of conscious breath awareness and movement to harness an innate and intrinsic healing energy, to heal myself and teach others that they possess the power to do the same. The meaning of "Guru" in Sanskrit is "teacher", literally one who brings us from the darkness to the light, and in my experience the best teachers show their students how to become their own masters. My classes are a pastiche of various styles of yoga (vinyasa, hatha, kundulini, power flow, Bhanti, yin, and restorative) as well as healing tai chi, qui gong, meditation, dance, smiles, tears, and self-love; sometimes I even sing and chant to and with my students, to break down some internal barriers.

Yoga in Sanskrit means "Union" and the yoga journey is a journey of union--of deeper intimacy with yourself, and no part of the self is unwelcome. Bring it all! Even if you are a beginner.

In my both my practice and my teaching, I have healed and helped others through various physical, emotional and mental ailments, including depression, anxiety, ADD and other focus and attention challenges, PTSD, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, physical injury and body pains; immobility, and balance and flexibility challenges. I am also very keen on addressing the more subtle aspects of a mind-body practice that include the joys and challenges of spiritual awareness and awakening, oneness meditations, working through your own shadow and all the pesky, uncomfortable feelings that are a part of this human walk on earth.

The way we show up for ourselves on the mat reflects how we show up for ourselves (and others) off the mat, and I challenge my students to lean into their discomfort--whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual--and embrace their full selves with compassion.

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