Lion Yoga comes from my name Melian, pronounced Ma-Lion. I currently teach at Cradle Moon Lakeside Game Lodge , a 1700 hectare nature reserve in The Cradle of Humankind.

November 2017 – Present
I have been practising yoga for the last 15 years and completed my 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher training (Yoga Alliance accredited) course in November 2017. I began teaching my first class the day after graduating. I was only able to qualify in 2017, as the cost of a yoga course had initially held me back, then it became an issue of finding the time to complete one. I have since completed a pregnancy yoga course, a Nidra course and a yoga for injuries course. I have completed a number of weekend courses that help me shape my class sequences. The main one being a Stand Up Paddling course as well as a runners yoga course, an Iyengar course, yoga for menstruation course and yoga for aging yogis. I have recently completed my Aerial yoga teachers training, including an accompanying first aid refresher course.

I have been exceptionally lucky to have had such a diverse experience from so many different teachers from most of the main schools of yoga. I spent 3 years under a Hatha teacher, then a year with an Ashtanga teacher. Then for the following 4 years I alternated between an Iyengar teacher and a Kundalini teacher. After that I had 2 years of Yin/ Chi yoga with a lot of yoga Nidra. For the last 2 years I have had a variety of Vinyasa flow teachers. I finally qualified as Vinyasa flow teacher last year, although I mainly teach Hatha styled classes.

My favourite forms of yoga are Aerial and StandUp Paddleboard. I have been teaching SUP since December 2017. These forms are great because you really connect deeply with two elements. At Cradle Moon I taught on the lake and at Club Med I taught on a lagoon open to the South China Sea. I started Aerial yoga classes in 2015 and completed my teachers training at the end of May 2019. I had over 200 students for SUP and approximately another 200 for private classes.

Yoga has really provided a path for me to connect to me body. I was a very stagnant child and teenager who read books and was in stage plays. So when I discovered yoga I was very weak, with no balance and minimal flexibility. When I finally found how to breathe properly it changed my approach to my practice and yoga became quite spiritual to me.

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