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We are Idit & Jeni and we started MOVE THE WORLD during the quarantine period to keep people moving, dancing, connecting and smiling! It was an amazing, uplifting experience that carried us and many others through the lockdown all around the world. In the first 2 months, we danced almost every day!!
And after 4 months we had done almost 60 Move The World - Freedom Dance experiences.

It’s not only an amazing workout, but also a great way to experience new rhythms, music styles and have access to playlists from every session. Every day we would meet, talk connect, move together and meditate together. Move The World is such an uplifting experience in all of this pandemic time that we were waiting for it every day.

It is also an incredible space to feel safe to explore movement or just jump about, be happy and burn off energy! Move The World is the best solution when you are indoors and want to feel connected, have fun, share emotion and build faith in other amazing humans and feeling you are not alone!

That's the power of healing, that's the power of movement, that's the power of human connection.

We offer a 60 min DANCE class where you are FREE TO DO YOUR THING. Every class has a different theme and playlist.


We hope you join us for an hour of bliss to move and shake your body with people from all over the world!

We start with 10 minutes of guided warm-up, then we move to the music that we’ve created just for you and dance for 40 minutes. And we end with a relaxing 10 min guided meditation.

It's an opportunity to move your body and energy, release tension, and get some good endorphins with friends across the globe.


After you pay, you will receive an email confirmation that contains the zoom link for class and the meeting ID. Each link is valid for one device/person. 10 minutes before class, simply click the link and you're in!

-Suggested price is $8, however, if this is not in your budget at the moment, join us for free! (send us an email to and we'll send you the link)

Make sure you have downloaded the zoom application on your device!

We are two professional yoga instructors, formal dancers, meditation guides, and the founders of MOVE THE WORLD & INNER HEALER 4D TRANSFORMATION - Retreats & workshops.

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Always with love,
Idit & Jeni

** Testimonials:
"I think Move the World definitely helped me get through the first stages of lockdown when I was completely on my own. It was such a positive boost to dance with people who were just letting go and being free, even though we didn’t really know each other. I think that’s what made it so special and unique! I felt that I had achieved something because the sense of renewed energy lasted all day :-) " - Vickie

“Move the world moved me! It was such a joy to be able to dance any way I liked to fun and uplifting tunes! I would look and see the smiling faces of all my fellow dancers. It always lifted my spirits which were a much-needed boost to most lockdown days. Then a beautiful guided meditation to ground down and reconnect with one another. More than once I found myself moved to tears for the sheer gratitude of my body, this dance, this life, these people. Thank you!” - Lily

So come dance with us


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