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Hey there Beautiful Being,
I am Naomi Ring- an Integrative Movement Teacher & Holistic Healer.
Movement is the language of my soul, here I can loose myself and find myself over and over again.
The more I let go, the more I gain.

As the curious being I am, I could not help but study different techniques that originate from several practices and cultures. Each have brought me an extensive amount of wisdom, tools, and support that today I can offer back to YOU .

** My formation & certification:**
-I am a certified Yoga Teacher in Hatha Raya, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga styles. (630 hours & continuing)
I studied with my beautiful Teachers Roxi & Boaz from Yoga Mala- School of Light for two years [] & with Noga Weiss pioneer of Yin Yoga in Israel for 2 months.
-Aside from Yoga I am a Certified Belly Dance Teacher by Tina Girsh's school Sahara City in
Neve Tzedek, Israel. [].
-A certified 'Wilderness Adventure Therapy Counselor' by the Wingate Institute.
-I attended & assisted countless workshops in the Desert Ashram designed for each Chakra and self awareness with Ma Prem Sugandho ( disciple of Osho). Soon after realizing what a sacred tool it has been for my personal development and healing I became a certified 'Chakra Energy Counselor' by the Institute for Inner Alchemy & Meditation by Ma Prem Sugandho [] . Her teachings have facilitated me to guide people to access, discover and unblock their great potential through meditation and self awareness tools that lead to discovering and integrating chakra related issues that may limit their flow & healthy expression and meet\integrate their feminine and masculine energies feeling more whole and supported. I also offer Chakra Readings.
-From 2018 onwards I followed a great passion of mine and began studying different expressions of African Dance & Drumming mainly from Guinea & Senegal with masters Saboula Bangora & Rachel Bangora. I was part of their band Bangora where I trained weekly and got the chance to lead workshops and perform around Israel. I also attended many workshops by known leaders of this incredible art around the world and travelled to Ghana in 2019. I integrate a lot of the movements from dance rituals of different tribes in my classes.
other Courses & trainings I took include:
-Systemic & Family Constellations & Trauma Healing with Sakino [] a dear Teacher from Germany that learned from Bert Hellinger himself. Due to the Pandemic I have not yet finished my training, however the tools that I have gained from this study are priceless.
-Priestess Initiation with Liat Lillian Tantra Teacher. [].
-and countless courses & hours of studying Evolutionary Astrology, Woman Cycles & menstrual awareness, Pelvic Health, Mobility & Core strengthening.

As I learned & Integrated these teaching & practices, my desire grew to create my own honey, and so guided by my intuition I birthed Awakening Movement in 2018, my own school where I could teach everything I had learned and practiced over the years that brought and continue to bring me closer to myself, my breath, my body, this moment and create the transformation & connection to source, to liberation and to healing through integration of our whole being.

My vision is to help YOU Journey Home, to guide and support you in finding your inner rhythm and flow that enables you to connect with your essence. Discovering, integrating and embodying every aspect of your being as you become aligned with your highest self and find that you are the ultimate expression of love, radiating this energy as it is reflected all around you.

My personal practice includes exploring the realms of movement, of connection and integration through dance, yoga, and sacred rituals.
In every moment and movement I aspire to witness myself as divine conscious energy, to step out of my comfort zones by embodying new techniques and empowering beliefs, and become more aligned with my highest self, therefor becoming the dance.

I have taught countless classes both private and in groups, in workshops and festivals around Israel. In 2020 due to the world pandemic I discovered like many others the opportunity of connecting through the online realm and offered several classes that lead me to widen my perspective and reach new students <3
Now ready to continue giving and receiving as part of this ancient practice of teaching, here are my offerings:
-Wild Woman Yoga
- Yoga & Twerk (pelvic awakening)
-Movement Chakra Journey
-Chakra Readings
-Afro Latin Dance and much more!
Creativity is key and the options are endless.
My personal and in class mantra is: what brings me pleasure? I invite you to join me and discover for yourself the magic that lies in connecting through conscious movement with our bodies, with our breath & with the unknown. I am here for You.
Connect with me through:
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My background story & what led me to this path:
I was born In July 29, 1995 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised all over this Sacred Earth. By the time I was 18 I had moved 8 times to a new country, lived in 15 different homes, and learned 4 Languages (Spanish, English, Hebrew & Portuguese).

A gypsy soul you could say....

At the age of 15 I moved to Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin in Israel with 34 other South American teens, to attend a boarding school & finish our high school studies away from our parents.
I had two goals in mind that led to my decision of moving yet again..
1. to not be the only 'New Kid'.
2. to find myself a home and give my soul roots.
My life has been full of new beginnings, adaptation and a deep integration of life & death cycles.

In early 2014 I was introduced to Yoga & Meditation, my father (Z"L) had passed away.
I was forever changed.
I went through what felt like an awakening.
As I saw my father take his last breath I was reborn.
Beyond the sorrow's of loss & the challenging new reality I was living, I remember understanding how powerful the cycles of life & death are and deciding that I was to live a total life, embodying the present of presence and aligning to my highest self.
I wanted to integrate my passions and understandings and use it as a guidance to journey back home to the heart & soul.

Meditation was my first love and so the self study had begun...
Indeed it was a rebirthing and a process that is ongoing and ever evolving.
Yoga helped me feel whole again and understand deeply what home really means.

That same year I was drafted in the IDF (the Israeli Defense Army). I served as a Physical Instructor for 2 years and fell in love with helping people connect with their bodies.

During my service I stayed loyal to my self practices, discovered the powerful tool of Osho's Active Meditations and went to several powerful group therapy workshops for the chakras in the Desert Ashram.
Once I completed my service in 2016 I went to a Primal Deconditioning Therapy (Inner Child Healing) with my mentor & therapist Ma Prem Sughando whom I've mentioned above. This was essential for my healing journey and guided me to where I stand today. Rooted & at home.
Thank you for reading <3

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