I discovered how a regular yoga practice could help to heal parts of the body that had become overstretched and overworked as a young adult , I was then inspired to teach after a diagnosis of osteoarthritis in my early thirties encouraged me to seek healing through regular 1-1s with my then teacher , and within a year my body was rejuvenating itself .
As individuals it’s important to listen to what our bodies tell us each day , and the practice that felt good yesterday may not be the right one for today . So for instance a flowing vinyasa practice may be complemented by a Restorative practice to help ease tightened aching muscles .
I have been privileged to have trained and learned from some amazing teachers worldwide and believe as Yoga teachers we are also constantly learning from this wonderful living tradition that is also , as we are constantly evolving .
Yoga is Union so there is a practice for everyone and I look forward to finding the right one to suit your needs

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