Paola Grasso

I always dreamed to be a ballerina, but I do not have the body, the flexibility and the anatomy for it. When I was little I was not able to attend ballet classes but Karate instead ,leaving me to  meet this  journey later in life.

We all search for something or a purpose in life and , I was searching  for happiness and perfection, bu not realising that I was far from that, not able to  understanding that every human being are perfect just the way they are,Happiness is inward journey, a never ending path, that only you can decide to step in  and start walking through.

For 18 years,I was a successful Hairstylist, I loved it but deeply down into my unconsciousness something  was blocking my light to shine throughout. I started my spiritual path practising Yoga in 2011, initially as a physical exercise as most of everyone but soon after, I enrolled in a Mindfulness course and Vipassana meditation retreat, to find space and peace within myself. Those retreats and teaching have become annual pursuits and not have just changed my way of living, but my way of being, with myself and others.
During my self-exploration, I fell in love with Yoga’s philosophy, awakening in a balanced and harmonious state. I completed my 300hrs in India in 2016 .My teaching incorporates Iyengar, Sivananda and Ashtanga Yoga, adapting those styles to all student levels. I often incorporate Pranayama and Meditation exercises into my classes, which I believe helps people to deeply connect spiritually with themselves, reaching the root of all our issues and insecurities.
I have lived all my life with chronic back pain, but in 2017 something deeper happened, I found myself not being able to practice any form of movement for more than a year.I felt stuck, not being able to see a way out. Something needed to change to enable me to move forward in life. I decided to deepen my practice and add more knowledge to my experience, training with Polestar Pilates as a level 3 Mat Pilates teacher.
I teach 1-2-1, groups, corporate sessions,reformer Pilates.
I love teach beginners and intermediate level especially with back pathology.

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