Paola Grasso

My name is Paola, I am a Yoga, Pilates and Meditation teacher, working as a freelancer mobile coach in Mayfair, North and East London. I offer group, corporate and 1-2-1 classes. I tailor the sessions to your needs and convenience, online or in person. I am passionate about what I do, and work with clients at all levels, helping them to correct their alignment and strengthen their core stability with a safe and supportive environment.
The combination of training and personal experience has made me understand and appreciate my body and its limitations. I find Pilates, especially the Polestar Pilates Method, a soft approach. It offers a new way of rehabilitation, building strength and core stability, combining it with good understating of breathwork.
I started my spiritual path practising Yoga in 2011, initially as a physical exercise. Soon after, I enrolled in a Mindfulness course and Vipassana meditation retreat, to find space and peace within myself, and have continued to do this on a regular basis each year. During my self-exploration, I fell in love with Yogic philosophy, awakening in a balanced and harmonious state. My teaching incorporates Iyengar, Sivananda and Ashtanga Yoga, adapting those styles to all student levels. I often include Pranayama and Meditation exercises in my classes, which I believe helps people to deeply connect spiritually with themselves, reaching the root of all our issues and insecurities.
After a back injury in 2017, I was in a lot of pain and this severely limited the kind of movements I could do. I realised that something needed to change to enable me to move forward in life. So, I decided to deepen my practice and train with Polestar Pilates as a mat, Reformer, and comprehensive teacher. This was a real eye-opener for me and has extended the knowledge and experience I can offer to clients.

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