Patricia Lorenzo


This is my Yoga teaching and practising philosophy.

We move the body, we feel the bones, muscles, and energy shift, and from there we grow more assured in our uniqueness and in what we want to do with it.

For some people, growth can be swift and visible almost from class to class for others it may take longer. That's why Yoga is a practice that will accompany you throughout the several stages of your life.

I came to Yoga looking for a way to train my unfit body while engaging my mind. I found new freedom in being myself and admiration for my body that I thought would never attain. My body turned into my place of solace, comfort and empowerment.

My teaching style is definitely Vinyasa, integrating mobility, strength and self-inquiry. From this container, I am free to incorporate drills and moves from other Yoga styles and schools of movement. The main goal is finding freedom and joy in moving and exploring in your body in whatever way you choose.

Curiously, I started learning online, long before a pandemic would send the whole World online. So, I'm the living proof that online teaching works!

I hope to see you on the mat soon!
May you be happy and free,

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