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My name is Puck Arula Aren, a world citizen born in Sweden. I have come to practice and teach an eclectic style of yoga, inspired by life and all the wonderful teachers and students I have come a cross on the way.
The various trainings and workshops I have participated in over the years, has shaped my way of teaching and living as a yoga practicioner. Yoga for me personally, is seen as something holistic, from the foundation of the Yamas and Niyamas, to holding space for my students.

My way of teaching includes a lot of Yin yoga and Hatha yoga with focus on alignment. I am greatly influenced by B.K.S Iyengar and the last couple of years I have come to adapt my way of practicing and teaching according to his way.
I came across yoga as a way of living about 12 years ago and ever since then I have been practicing regularly and kept diving into the beautiful mystery of my own internal landscape and my role in the external world we all live in together.
In January 2009 I completed my first 200-hour RYS training in Goa/ India and ever since then I have been blessed to share my love for yoga by teaching students from all over the world. After my first 200-hour Yoga teacher training I have completed 3 other YTT’s with very different approaches. Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers and 300 hours Akhanda Yoga. (Akhanda means holistic and is a very complete way of practicing)
My teachings are about finding space and balance in our lives, to do so we emphasize on the yin and yang energy that we all have within us. The most important lesson for me have been to realize that the more I learn the less I know for certain, everything is relative.
In the period of November 2008 until March 2017 I divided my time between Portugal in the summer season and India from November to March, a beautiful balance of ancient and modern society! In November 2017, my baby girl and biggest teacher was born, since then we have grown stronger roots in Portugal.
Looking forward to meeting you and to share our passion for Yoga & life.
Love and Light, Puck Arula

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