Natasha Leigh (Satya Jaguar)

I have done extensive work with the public as a Shamanic Healer and Yogi for over 15 years. My mission on Earth is to help others expand and ascend into an All That Is One Consciousness. I believe we are all in this together and that we rise together. The medicines I offer come in many different vessels as every individual is unique and my goal is to assist as many souls as I can.

I am skilled in many art forms of divination and healing. Life experience taught me from preconception and I continue to learn with each and every breath. I am a firm believer in reincarnation and I have chosen to come back onto the planet to help re-calibrate our Karmic balance with our Mother Earth. I believe the teachers come when the students are ready and our Mother Earth is the biggest mystery school in our creation. I was given simple Yoga teachings with Chakra and astrological applications to start practicing as a toddler and to this day, I continue my studies in Shamanism and Yoga. I have gained many gifts journeying through my own healing of ancestral and current soul Karma. As a natural born Oracle, I have the ability to see into many different windows for divination purposes. Since a young teenager, I began more serious studies in crystal, herbal healing, and Yoga. Shamanic Reiki, sound healing with the journey drum, flutes, and my voice are some of the tools I started using with the public after an unexpected initiation in my own healing on the Red Road in 2009. I was certified in Bali as a Yoga teacher and am also a guide for many healing modalities.

I find happiness in nurturing and sharing the teachings I have gained while integrating the medicines I carry with others. I am here to facilitate the healing and balancing of our Mother Earth and will assist and guide you on your Soul's Journey.

You can find more information about me and the Shamanic Yoga Teachings I carry at:

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