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My name is Sally and I'm a full-time Accessible Yoga instructor and personal trainer in Kansas City, MO, USA. I hold two 200-hour RYT certifications, as well a 30-hour certification in Accessible Yoga. I teach Accessible/Adaptive Yoga to all populations, including those who are currently bedridden or are working with a quadriplegic dynamic.

The Yoga practice is incredible adaptive and inclusive. Though the physical practice, Asana, is important for physical well-being, there are seven other limbs of Yoga that have little to do with the physical body. Regardless of what is going on physically, Yoga is for ALL.

I also guide clients through personal training sessions that are incredibly inclusive- walkers, canes, motorized chairs are all welcomed. We use chairs and other props already within the household that can help stabilize and strengthen the client.

My clients: All of my clients are over the age of 60. We focus mostly on functional mobility, posture, gait and balance. I have two clients that are 86 years of age. Not all clients hire me for Yoga, I am also a personal trainer but focus on a client population of 60 years of age and above.

My focus is on:

  1. Functional Mobility- can you reach for the can of food in your cabinet? Are you able to retrieve something that has dropped on the floor? Can you look over your shoulder to see what's behind you? Functional Mobility is working with the basic function of joints, muscles and tendons to keep you doing the things that are basic functions in life. And when the body is no longer able to function in a basic way, we work to recreate and regenerate this mobility.

  2. Posture- The Yoga practice is incredibly helpful for posture. Through the angle of the pelvis, to the broadness in the chest, and the tucking of the head to align the neck with the rest of the spine, we can generate great posture. In these repetitive movements and my verbal cues, we will create new thought processes that turn into habits over time.

  3. Gait and Balance- Do you feel unbalanced? Are you able to walk without a cane or walker? Is the counter or railing something you rely on often, to keep upright? Through personal training, we get down to to the root of balance-your feet, the distance between them and travel up to the top of the head. Can we help stack the body to hold you upright? What needs to be corrected? Do you use your whole foot when walking-heel, ball, toe? Or are you simply setting your feet down, and then moving on to the next step? We break down the idea of walking forwards, backwards, staggered stance and more to guide the client to feeling stable from the ground-up.

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