Tamsin Springer

Hi there, I’m Tamsin, a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor based in South Africa!

I have my own fitness company that has been running for 5 years. I offer my clients fitness as well as yoga sessions in the comfort of their own home or via video call. I believe that it is incredibly important to take time out of our busy schedule to dedicate towards looking after our body and mind. Exercise, health and wellness is an important part of daily life that often gets forgotten.

I want to use my passion for health, fitness and overall wellness to help you achieve your health, fitness and wellness goals. My aim is to motivate you to achieve what you never thought would be possible and encourage you to make exercising part of your lifestyle so that you can discover the amazing benefits of regular physical activity.

Not only is exercise great for keeping your body physically fit and healthy, it is also important for the mind. I have been personally practicing yoga for many years, I started in my early teenage years and have been teaching private and group yoga classes for 5 years. I have also recently furthered by studying by attended a yoga teacher training course in India to deepen my knowledge and understanding of yoga. I want to take what I have learnt and experienced in my yoga journey to help you introduce yoga into your own life and experience the amazing benefits of this practice. I want to show you that yoga is for everyone!

Exercise doesn’t have to be something that you dread, something that you grudgingly do only because you have to. Exercise can be fun and exciting and a great way to relieve stress, improve your mood, and help you stay in shape!

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