Tonia Nealey

When I first found yoga, I finally found a space where I could feel comfortable in my own skin. I learned to sit with myself. I learned what it meant to notice; to notice when I felt hungry or tired, felt my breath, when I felt something. I learned to notice the thoughts in my head, not hang on to all of them as truth, simply to become aware of them. I learned to notice the negative self-talk habits I had, the feelings that would lead to my disordered eating, and then I learned slowly that I didn’t need to do that anymore, that I could sit with those emotions, or talk to someone about them, that they wouldn’t stay forever.

Yoga has been a part of my life since I completed a 200-hour YTT at Core Power in Minneapolis in 2006. Through classes and retreats, learning to practice both on and off the mat, bringing yoga into my elementary school classroom, my family's living room, and even the park, I've woven yoga in my life. My goal is to meet you where you're at, encourage you to move your own needle a little further, and help you create a life that truly glows, from the inside out. I teach vinyasa classes, partner yoga, and children’s yoga, and am a proud team member of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition.

I am passionate about helping women move from feeling disconnected from and unhappy in their bodies, stuck in their heads and critical thoughts, to feeling at home in their bodies, connected to their heart and intuition, and able to create a positive self-talk soundtrack. I specialize in yoga for body image concerns, disordered eating recovery, anxiety, yoga for menstrual health and fertility. I'd love to help you create a life that glows, as you define it.

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