Monica Garner

Hello my friend,

My name is Monica and I am like you. I am an ordinary person living an ordinary life. But, I just so happen to be passionate about yoga!

As a child I always knew I was destined to live a life helping others to heal and supporting them with their health & goals. This inner calling was hidden deep within me and due to low confidence and expectations of others I went down another path first - Corporate. I worked for several years in customer service and human resources where my true talents could not shine and I was not able to share my gift with others. I was depressed, angry, self conscious, tight all over and filled to the brim with anxiety. To help manage this, I began including yoga, meditation and pranayama into my life.

A shift occurred deep within me. I felt like I came home to myself. My emotional, mental and physical well-being was improving and the day-to-day struggles and stresses were softening. As I would practice yoga I often fantasized about becoming a yoga teacher and soon the idea felt more then right.. it felt like I had unlocked what I was put on this earth to do because it was something that helped me so much. And this filled me with joy and hope! How could this yoga be so powerful?! This was a question I often asked myself. And one day, I had enough. I quit my job, studied full-time as a yoga teacher and started my own mobile yoga business - True Yoga. Talk about scary and risky! But I knew this passion needed to live and I let my heart take the drivers seat for once.

What kind of teacher do you get with me? One that is warm, supportive, relatable, compassionate and imperfect. I am here to walk with you on your journey to better health. So whether that means reducing anxiety, stress, feeling better in your body or improving flexibility.

This yoga lifestyle is for you. Why? Because you are worthy of feeling amazing in the body you have now and as the person you are now.

This knowledge and lifestyle changed my life and it will change yours too. I look forward to supporting you.

Namaste my friend!


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