Thaisa Luongo Yoga

Originally from Brazil with Japanese and Italian heritage, Thaisa started to pursue her personal growth in her youth and found meditation as a powerful tool. In order to understand more and go deeper with it, she completed a meditation technique course.

She started practicing yoga in 2006 and in the beginning of 2015 her world changed, she opened her heart to the teaching path. She completed a 50-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Charanpal Kaur and in the beginning of 2016, Thaisa spent two months in India learning the Traditional Tantra Yoga at Shri Kali Ashram with the mentoring of Bhagavan Shri Shanmukha Anantha Natha and Shri Ma Kristina Baird. There she received the 200-hour Teacher Training Certificate. In September 2016 she completed a 30-hour intensive Yoga for Cancer Survivorship course with Lorien Neargarder. Now she is studying feng shui, as she believes that harmonizing the energy of our home or workplace, influences in our inner harmony.

Thaisa is also diving into the teachings of breathing and mantras (sacred sounds) as she believes that breathing properly and chanting from the heart we can heal ourselves, reach our Self, and attain the state of bliss.

Her yoga style is known for incorporating her grounding meditation techniques to create a deeply centering experience for her students.

She lives her life with a full commitment and honors all living beings as she honors herself. She finds vital to reverence and to thank our uniqueness, and most important to celebrate life as the biggest gift ever received on Earth.

For her, yoga is not only the practice that we do on our mats but it is a lifestyle, it is the way we live our lives with healthy thoughts, healthy food and healthy habits.

Besides being a yogi (yoga practitioner), Thaisa also enjoys her life surfing, dancing and decorating spaces.

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