Brooke Maxson

I believe that Yoga is the magic that adds beauty to our lives by connecting our minds, bodies and souls in a way that gives us freedom. I first made this connection with yoga in 2009 during college. I suffered from anxiety and found that yoga relieved me of those feelings. I moved to NYC in 2013 where I practiced on and off until 2017 when I had my quarter life crisis. During this time, yoga allowed me to find calm and stillness within myself even as everything else fell apart. This profound experience is something that I want to share with everyone I can! So I went to Vikasa yoga in Koh Samui, Thailand where I completed my 200 hour YTT in hatha yoga.

As a teacher my goal is to provide my students with classes that challenge them to deepen their practice while giving them the space to grow, learn and heal by turning inward. We will focus on alignment and posture variations that are challenging yet attainable for students of every level as well as incorporating breath work and meditation practices in some classes.

While I am a teacher I am also a student, constantly learning from my amazing teachers! Jodi Epstein who inspired me to get my certification and gave me my nickname (the unicorn yogi), Kosta Miachin who gave me immense personal growth through his training program at Vikasa Yoga and Alicia Casillas who taught me through love and compassion.

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