Vera Draska

Hi everyone,
My name is Vera and I'm 30 years old Yoga teacher and Physiotherapist from Czech Republic. Also Dance and Pilates instructor, and Dance Movement Therapist :)

Currently I am based in Czech Republic, gaining a new life experience and sharing mine.

I am passionate and enthusiastic person who loves to teach a different kinds and qualities of movement, sharing experience with yoga, dance, dance movement therapy, healthy and physiotherapy exercises and many others. If I want to share some experience it's my duty to truly experience it at first, so I know exactly what I am sharing with others and what I am teaching. For me it means to live through movement, self practice and healthy lifestyle and then help others so they can find they own path in their lives.

I have about 3 years of yoga teaching experience. But I have been teaching different kinds of movement around 10 years now. I started with Contemporary and jazz dance, then continued as physiotherapist and health exercises instructor. During past few years I‘ve had plenty of general, private yoga lessons per week and individual movement lessons.

My education/courses:
Holistic Healing Training
Reiki level 2
RYT 200, Czech Republic
Anatomy Yoga flow, online course on
Yoga instructor training in Czech Republic (focused on clients with body posture issues)
Hatha Yoga immersion course, Mysore, India
Short courses:
Balance positions and inversion
Yin yoga
Restorative yoga and Meditation
Physiotherapy – bachelor degree
Pilates instructor
Dance movement therapist
+ plenty of physiotherapy courses

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