Krishna Lopez

Hi, my name is Krishna from Manila, Philippines. I teach Yin Yoga, which I love a lot! A truly holistic practice that offers so much more than just a really good stretch. It encourage qualities like patience and observation, and they give our mind and nervous system a much-needed chance of nourishment and relaxation. It is passive and slow-paced type of yoga with poses that are held for longer periods of time to help target deep connective tissues of the entire body. It restores the web that forms and connects all aspects of the human body, which is also called the fascia network. Yin Yoga has three principles:
1. Find your edge of comfort or come to the first prompting of your body to stop.
2. Hold the posture.
3. Stay in stillness and relax.
I'd be glad to see my students reap the overall health benefits of Yin yoga by combining its principles into their practice. I aim to guide each student to mindfully allow their body to slow down and surrender into every posture with no force.

I'd also love to hold space for Meditation & Restorative Yoga.

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