Melissa Quintero

What Yoga Means To Me....

To speak about Yoga is like to speak about Love. Yoga is so brode and at the same time so intimate and personal. Since the first time I did Yoga, something click with me about the practice, I felt it was more than a workout it was magical, and completely new.

Yoga is practice for my body but more important for my mind. It helps me to focus, have more control over my thoughts, my emotions and my attitude.

Yoga represents self love, self care, dedication, and discipline. I do Yoga to love myself more, to fill myself with love , patience, compassion so that I can give more authentically to my family and to others.

Certifications and Trainings

...( 2017 )

Thai Massage Professional Certification, Sivananda Bahamas Retreat

...( 2016 )

Air Yogalates AYL-1 Teacher Training Certificate, Genevive Barube, Panama.

...( 2014 )

Kids Teacher Training Certification by Rainbow Kids Yoga.


Yoga Journal Conference, Boston.

Detox Yoga with Sean Corne,Boston.


Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training, Victoria, B.C , Canada.

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