Grounding Yoga

Grounding Flow Hatha Yoga is to flow with long deep breathes in, expanding your belly, ribs and chest to give more room to your lungs to expand, inviting the oxygen to bring vitality to your whole body, growing and expanding gradually and organically in each movement, and long breathes out to ground, and to release the waste off your body and letting go.

The first part of the class is the same flow routine, so you can get familiar with the sequence giving you the ability to sharp your mind and be present in your practice and breathing. We start with a grounding meditation, following by pranayama, surya namaskar A, surya namaskar B - with adaptation in the first asana of the series, and standing/ warrior series. Physically in this first part of the class we are warming up our body, stretching, and building strength to the second part of the class. As well as we are moving with long deep breathes we are stretching the diaphragm and intercostals muscles so our lungs can receive more oxygen.

The second part is hatha yoga style, holding the asanas longer to help you with focus and balance, besides strengthening and stretching. It is a bit more challenging asanas, but as we were sharping and calming our minds in the first part of the class, we can transcend the posture. Here we are calming even more our minds, so we can finish our class with relaxation to get into a meditative state to rest in savasana. It is a grounding and relaxing experience.

This is not a monkey see, monkey do class or doing automatically, you need to be present to experience and explore your yoga. It is the ability to slow down and become aware of what you are doing. Being mindfulness.

This class is inspired in Ashtanga Yoga

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Pregnancy Workout
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Relaxing Stretching Workout
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