Ashkabonga Yoga (60 min)

Ashkabonga is Ashtanga Yoga, but more fluid. It honors the tradition, perfect structure and intelligence of Ashtanga, but it’s playful and spacious enough for exploration and curiosity. In Ashkabonga, we use intuition instead of forming attachment to doing all the poses every time, so although a session can take two hours, it doesn’t have to.

The practice is practical and consistent with just a touch of magic and spontaneity, integrating strengthening calisthenics and primal movement as well as subtle, therapeutic techniques. Through breath awareness, emotional release, vigorous movement, and loving kindness meditation, it sets the foundation for more stability, clarity and compassion in your daily life.

Through regular practice, Ashkabonga Yoga is designed for liberation - to empower you to develop a personal practice and become your own teacher by giving you the skills, structure and confidence needed to listen to your body, understand your thoughts and flow with your emotions.

Time zone: Costa Rica (GMT-6) Central Standard Time
Activity Type:
Sculpting and Toning
Prenatal Workout
Postnatal Workout
Stretching & Relaxing
Functional Training
Martial Arts

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Brittany Smith

1 year ago

I had an Ashkabonga session yesterday and it was just what I needed. I have some resistance to Ashtanga Yoga but loved the flexibility and freedom Rosco infused into his own twist on an old classic. I felt pushed but never pushed too far, and by the end I was completely relaxed. I found the session gave me a burst of energy that last throughout the day. It was a perfect way to wake up and today I am just the right about or sore and happy! Thank you Rosco!! ❤️

Julia Brasileiro

1 year ago

My first introduction to Ashkabonga yoga was a class with Rosco and I am hooked! I love this practice that combines both empowering strength building and a calming/grounding practice for my busy mind. Rosco is passionate about yoga and teaching students, which is abundantly evident and inspiring during the practice. During my session with Rosco this week, he provided helpful suggestions on how to move deeper into a pose while also speaking calming and grounding words to help me remain in my body and the present moment. I have a goal of building strength and Rosco provided helpful suggestions of strength-building practices during the session in addition to how to bring a few minutes of yoga into my everyday life outside of a formal class/practice to continue working on this empowering goal. I highly recommend a personal session with Rosco!!

Anne Gomez

1 year ago

I've taken yoga classes from many teachers, and Rosco is very high on my list. Rosco is a very kind person witha beautiful heart. And Ashkabonga yoga is a great! The poses are held for about five breaths so you are able to find stability and calm. Rosco works in the perfect amount of strengthening and balance, and is very encouraging about trying poses that may be challenging. I've done about 6 Ashkabonga sessions and I've noticed that I've gotten stronger and that my balance (always a challenge for me) has improved. Rosco is also able to keep you rooted in your body and the present moment, which is especially needed during these crazy times. I'm going to keep going back!

Anna Blekhman

1 year ago

Had great Ashkabonga session with Rosco!

He was very attentive even over video, making sure the session fits my (and my friend's) level, that we are having fun and getting the best of it. The method itself is a more relaxed version of Ashtanga, and I had a lot of fun trying it out, listening to myself and connecting to my body in a new way. I highly recommend this session to anyone needing a few moments to breath, look inside, and challenge their body. And Rosco's adorable dog walking around was just the cherry on top :)

Jack Jonson

11 months ago

I loved the lesson with Rosco! A shower of energy and calm! He is amazing, patient and kind and with a simple but precise language that I understood even if English is not my language

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