Re connect to you body with Hatha Yoga

My name is Cecile and I will teach for you a personalize Hatha yoga class.
This class is about creating link between your mind and your body through your yoga practice. We will first enter into a small meditation to center ourselves and then warm up our body through Sun Salutations. Once our bodies will be ready we will explore Yoga postures: standing, balancing, sitting, laying postures. Our practice will end by few minutes of relaxation.
Hatha Yoga is a perfect practice for everyone that desires to connect to his body. It is my favorite practice and teaching because it give us time to feel, to adapt and to understand our bodies and our practice. The breath is one of the main protagonist of our practice and we will use it as a partener to dive into our self.
Making space into our schedule to take care of ourselves is one of the best thing we can offer !
Teaching yoga is for me a beautifull way to give and I always get satisfy at the end of the class when I see smile, joy and new energy on my students.
This class is open to anyone, if you never practiced yoga because you thought you are not flexible enough, I have to say, no one is flexible until he creates space to work on it, even me I wasn't flexible before to starts !
I invite you to contact me first to have a chat, especially if you have any injuries, so we can talk about your expectations before and I can adapt my class for you.

Yoga is not about getting the perfect poses but it is about the wellness that you feel while you are in your pose.

Ready to explore your potential? Let's do it !
In english

En français

Activity Type:
Sculpting and Toning
Pregnancy Workout
Post Pregnancy Workout
Relaxing Stretching Workout
Functional Training
Martial Arts

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Gaëlle Galou

12 days ago

I met Cécile during one of my long stays in Bali. I took group lessons (in English although my level is far from high!) and I loved her patience, her professionalism and her kindness. So I continue from France because I love the energy of Cecile Thanks to you

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